Today I woke up and seeing that new day I felt full of gratitude.  I stopped to watch the rising sun and I remembered how happy I was to be alive.  After drinking water, I went to the patio and walked barefoot on the wet grass while I felt the rays of the sun penetrate my skin, still accommodated to the shapes of the savannah. My day was beginning.

Everything was going very well until it was time to do business.  At that moment the subconscious took control and I, like a fool, was adrift like a shipwreck on the high seas.  The so-called problems paraded in my head with soldiers in a caravan and the drama was at its best.  I accept that recently I have not been the best version of myself and things had changed a lot compared to previous months but still the flame was burning in me and that conscious part was ready to fight.

I stopped for a moment and ready to stop the sociological drama that reigned in my head I went to a quiet place and meditated for 15 minutes, at first the monkeys did not stop making jokes jumping from one place to another but as a good meditator I did not try  to control them I simply kept there watching him.

Will this be all that is!  I wondered, and the famous question echoed in my head

Who I am?  To which I never knew how to answer as I was browsing a cortizol soup that was being fed by my tonsils.

Spending a few minutes in that silence I reminded myself of the words read in awonderful book by Don Miguel Ruiz that said it is not who you are, but rather who you are not what you should really ask yourself and I did.

Who am I not?  I wondered this time even more confused.  The answer came out of nowhere, from that wonderful and limitless source.

Are you not what you are living now because that is only a drama in which you have signed to be part of that society in which you live, your wonderful being does not need anything and much less to be a sociological slave of a name, a  social position, a title hanging on the wall that says you are something and that defines you.  Who you are not in reality is everything you can be because the moment you are something you create limits and stop being part of that infinite universe.  All the answers lie within you and I know that at times it seems difficult to detach from the emotional drama that surrounds them all, but I only tell you that is the reason why you are incarnated in that body to overcome, tame, manage the Ego.  That second being with whom you fight daily and who believes and makes you believe that it is you.  ?

When I finished listening to all that wonderful conversation inside me, I got up and went to work or rather to create because the difference is my friend that when you work you think about the final reward and when you believe you enjoy it and only the present moment is important.  So little by little my day changed and now I breathe without stress, I walk without weight on my shoulders and I live without trying to be something and that is how I enjoy everything.  Blessings

Renny Davoy


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